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Denver Community Outreach

Arroyo Village

at Knox Station

The Delores Project and Rocky Mountain Communities have joined forces to help create this new shelter facility. This will be a new shelter, as well as offer up to 35 permanent low-income housing possibilities.


Local Families Supported

The staff at DM Construction raised over $6,000 this year. As an organization, we matched the funds raised by our team and we split them between local organizations and families. Based on the generosity of our team, we were able to sponsor 4 private families in 2020.

Global Down Syndrome Foundation

DM Construction is committed to making a difference through the opportunities that the Global Down Syndrome Foundation presents. We are proud to have attended the 2019 Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Fashion Show and participated as donors for the 2019 and 2020 Fundraiser.


L.O.L.A.'s Rescue

At Thanksgiving each year our team presents the local organizations they would like to support. L.O.L.A.'s Rescue has a special place in our hearts and we are continued to support them over the last 2 years.


Secor Cares

Secor Cares supports the community in a very unique way - assisting people faced with suburban poverty. We are thankful this organization was brought to our attention in 2020. As a team, we collectively raised over $12,000 that was distributed to multiple organizations and families.


Dumb Friends League

Our team has a deep love for animals so contributing to the Dumb Friends League in 2020 was a given. This foundation has been around for 110 years and its commitment to end pet homelessness and animal suffering is making an impact in the lives of animals every day. 

have a community need and want to partner with dm?

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